The Power of God

Outdoor / Storm Chaser / Interior


Fredrick is an outdoor photographer and digital image developer,
based in the island of Malta, where he lives with his wife Gina and son Daniel.

Fredrick has been attracted to the visual arts ever since he was a child, and since a very young age he explored various art forms. In his teens he grew increasingly attracted to graphic art as well as photography despite not having a good camera on which to practice at the time. Over the years, having a solid background in graphic art was a big asset when it came to using high technique in image post processing …

At the age of 17, at that time digital cameras were not yet introduced he started in photography taking lightning photos and chasing storms. One can say that this passion runs in the family, with Fredrick being the cousin of well renowned storm chaser Jimmy Deguara, and from whom Fredrick gained a vast knowledge of this weather phenomenon. The first award which he won was in fact a photo of a lightning strike. Since then, he has never looked back.

Over 20 years later, he is the most experienced storm chaser in Malta. Over time he also took up professional training, investing in numerous international courses and practicing outdoor photography in landscapes and nightscapes. Photography is not just a hobby for Fredrick as it also forms an integral part of his full time job, where he photographs interiors for a company specialising in natural stone surfaces and installations.

Fredrick’s work is sought after and to date, it has been used extensively both in local publications as well as international websites.
Whilst photography is his greatest passion to which he dedicates countless sleepless night shooting and chasing storms, his other passion is football wherein he is an avid follower of English football, particularly of Manchester United.